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I always thank God that I met you and your Caregivers, Tracie! And, I will ALWAYS recommend you to anyone who needs a WONDERFUL Home to live in for the rest of their days!

May God continue to BLESS YOU and your Caregivers as you go about, unselfishly, doing His work!

God has no body now — but yours.
No hands or feet — but yours.

Yours are the eyes through which He looks compassion on this world. God has no body now, but yours. Take care!

Dear Tracy and Caregivers, January 28, 2023

I am so grateful to you and your wonderful caregivers for your kindness and unwavering compassion when you were caring for Ron. You relieved me of so much worry and concerns because I knew Ron was in safe hands, when I finally found you!

Not a day went by that I didn’t thank God for helping me find you, so Ron would have expert care. You are always in my daily prayers, asking God to bless all of you abundantly, as you work so hard to do his work and mirror his goodness!

God Bless Your Hearts!

to the Moon and Back
Mary Ann Malitz

*The most beautiful music on earth is our heartbeat, God composed it.

Subject: Mom’s Birthday

Thanks so very much again for providing the beautiful birthday cake and flowers for mom. I read your lovely card to her and she and I were very touched.

My brothers and I and Richard all came over after we ate and indulged in the cake and singing Happy Birthday. Mr. Thomas and Albert were there too but they were going to eat a piece of cake after they had dinner. I guess we returned too close to the dinner hour, but I so wanted my brothers to stop by after we were done at the restaurant.

Sophia, bless her heart, made mom look so beautiful for the outing and mom felt so good going out in her blue outfit.

I can’t tell you how much mom and I appreciate all the loving care and attention she receives from you and the ladies. Mom is so happy and content in the home and I feel so comfortable knowing that she is getting such loving care. We truly are grateful to be part of the Ovalstone family.

Your flowers, card and cake were, as you say, “Icing on the Cake” for her big day and I thank you so very much.

All my best, Nancy P.

Subject: Ron’s Birthday

Dear Tracie,

I just wanted to say “Thank You” again for all that went into celebrating Ron’s Birthday!

The caregivers you have hired are REAL Angels of Mercy, like yourself, and, from the video that you sent to me.They worked so hard to celebrate Ron! The table was decorated so beautifully and the red, white, and blue cake was just lovely, along with the birthday hats and the Caregivers singing Happy Birthday to Ron. He had a good time!  I enjoyed the video so much!

Thanks be to God, that we finally met you and your Caregivers! I feel like I had won the lottery when I met you and saw how kind and dedicated you were to Ron, along with your Caregivers — especially when he didn’t deserve it and decided to be cantankerous.

I spoke to one of your wonderful Caregivers this afternoon and had a chance to thank her and the other Caregivers for all they did yesterday to celebrate Ron. She told me Ron was tired from all the partying — HAHA! — so I will call back around 5 p.m. to speak to him.

Please know how grateful I am to you and your wonderful and dedicated Caregivers for all the care you give Ron as well as the other residents. Your kindness and caring just flows out to the rest of us!

Many, many thanks!
Mary Ann

Ovalstone Comfort Care is an exceptional place. Both my mother and my late mother-in-law are/were members of the Ovalstone facility in Bowie. The caregivers treat the patients like they are family and the homes are always spotlessly clean and do not smell like hospitals or nursing homes. I would highly recommend Ovalstone Comfort Care to anyone who is in need of their services.

We are a Level III provider.

As a home care provider, we are devoted to providing special attention to all our residents.

We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

caregiver and senior woman looking at each other
caregiver and senior woman looking at each other

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